You’ll Never Guess Who Took This Picture

“I tried to get some photos of an octopus, but it grabbed the camera and got some of me instead!”


Filmmaker and Reddit user WattersonBill posted this photo from a lab where he was attempting to photograph an octopus. He inserted the camera into the tank with the octopus, and at first everything was going to plan:





As we all know the octopus is an incredibly intelligent animal (yes, it’s an animal. We weren’t sure either so we looked it up). This octopus noticed the camera and decided to reach out for it:




The octopus then started taking pictures of its captors, thereby reinforcing just how terrifyingly intelligent they really are:





This is only one example of an octopus understanding that he is being observed and taking matters into his own hands. In one example an octopus steals a scuba diver’s camera and heads off with it to film his own nature documentary for his fellow octopi.

(H/T: WattersonBill, Reddit)