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Actually you’re already here. But there’s so much to explore! In addition to providing you with great travel resources like this 1 night promotion, our mission at Amazing3rdplanet.com is to provide glimpses of all the amazing lands, views and experiences that exist all over the world. You can also enjoy these last-minute flight deals if you want to take advantage of a last-minute trip. Not only that, but we’ll also provide you with resources to help you travel to these places for less So sit back, relax, and prepare to be amazed by this wonderful planet.

Our Favorite Amazing Hotels Around The World:

From the Brando Resort in French Polynesia to the ice hotel in Sweden, we want to highlight the amazing true spirit of human aspiration and invention.

1. Brando Resort

Speaking of the Brando Resort (yes, it’s named after actor Marlon Brando, who owned the tropical island that the hotel is built on), did you know that the hotel uses the cold depths of the ocean floor to provide natural air-conditioning?

It’s an award winning eco-resort that uses many of Brando’s ideas on making a perfectly sustainable resort.

2. L’Horizon Resort & Spa

Ever been to Palm Springs? It’s a massively popular tourist destination (especially for avid golfers), but there is one luxury boutique hotel that absolutely stands head and shoulders over every other hotel in the area: the L’Horizon Resort & Spa.

It has roving massage therapists that will give you shoulder and foot rubs at the pool, and a spa with sublime views of the San Jacinto Mountains. It truly is something to behold.

Inside, the resort is a combination of the mid-century aesthetics that inspired its original creation, and

3. Adare Manor, Ireland

Located in County Limerick, on the west coast of Ireland, this manor house gives hotel guests the sense that they’re living at a real-life Downton Abbey. There are coat-tailed attendants dressed to the nines who greet you at the entrance with umbrellas and escort you in. The massive estate spans hundreds of acres. You can also take day trips to the Cliffs of Moher if you like.

Their cuisine is some of the best you’ll find in Ireland.

4. Four Season Hualalai, Big Island, Hawaii

It’s not a shocker to find a Four Seasons resort here on our list. The private resort is tucked away about 40 minutes north of Kona, and 15 minutes north of the Airport. It’s an oceanfront resort that’s incredibly difficult for non-resort visitees to get to, so you have a lot of privacy. You know who else appreciates the privacy? Turtles! There’s lots of turtles that crawl up on the beach to sleep during the day, and they are pretty indifferent to humans sunbathing right next to them!

Combine that with three different swimming pools (including a family-friendly one), a world-class spa, and four great restaurants, you can come here on your Hawaiian vacation and never leave.

5. Naladhu Private Island Maldives

Nearly every amazing hotel picture you see on Pinterest are from this resort in the Maldives. There are only 19 guest quarters at this resort: each with an infinity pool. On top of that, you get your own private gardens and a tub for two with a great ocean view. There’s also the famous glass-floor walkways where you can see fish swim underneath you.

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