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Thanks to Image Creators and iStock Promo codes

Part of enjoying this amazing planet is appreciating its beauty through other’s eyes. Our site, when we can will use images from istockphoto whenever we can on this site. Stock photo sites tend to have an unfairly bad reputation as a ‘corporate’ place, but there are tons of high quality images from independent artists that will help you to appreciate the beauty of the world around us in unique ways.

For example, check out this image that iStock.com posted on their Twitter acccount:

The skill of certain photographers to see what we don’t normally see is a special and valuable skill. It gives you a chance to change your perspective. Something you may walk by every single day and never notice may be one … Read the rest

Crazy Dating Stories From Match.com

Not Everyone Marries Their High School Sweetheart

There are tons of crazy stories about dates that have gone horribly: some are blind dates, some are first dates, and even some of them are from people on their second/third and beyond dates!
Remember, as long as they keep handing out match.com coupon codes, the weirdoes will keep coming back to the so-called ‘safe’ premium dating sites.

Buzzfeed has compiled a great list of horrible anecdotes about first dates, which were originally compiled by Whisper (an anonymous app where people can tell stories anonymously).

Among them:

Being the person that is being sung to is awkward, especially if you’re in a seated position. At a concert, you could at least dance and enjoy the moment. Seated at … Read the rest