Crazy Dating Stories From

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There are tons of crazy stories about dates that have gone horribly: some are blind dates, some are first dates, and even some of them are from people on their second/third and beyond dates!
Remember, as long as they keep handing out coupon codes, the weirdoes will keep coming back to the so-called ‘safe’ premium dating sites.

Buzzfeed has compiled a great list of horrible anecdotes about first dates, which were originally compiled by Whisper (an anonymous app where people can tell stories anonymously).

Among them:

mariachi band first date

Being the person that is being sung to is awkward, especially if you’re in a seated position. At a concert, you could at least dance and enjoy the moment. Seated at a table? Shuffle from side to side and hope you don’t fall over?
Wait a solid five minutes for the song to be over and return to eating your lukewarm food? This lady got it right: food first.
Another One:

awkward first date - buzzfeed

At least he wasn’t boring.

That’s advice I used to get about going out on dates. Be yourself, but…don’t be boring. This guy? This guy understands it. He’s on food stamps for chrissakes and he made a whole evening of courting her and sharing his passions. He may not have resources but at least he’s resourceful!