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Crazy Dating Stories From

Not Everyone Marries Their High School Sweetheart

There are tons of crazy stories about dates that have gone horribly: some are blind dates, some are first dates, and even some of them are from people on their second/third and beyond dates!
Remember, as long as they keep handing out coupon codes, the weirdoes will keep coming back to the so-called ‘safe’ premium dating sites.

Buzzfeed has compiled a great list of horrible anecdotes about first dates, which were originally compiled by Whisper (an anonymous app where people can tell stories anonymously).

Among them:

Being the person that is being sung to is awkward, especially if you’re in a seated position. At a concert, you could at least dance and enjoy the moment. Seated at … Read the rest

Mark Hamill Storm Trooper

Mark Hamill is a Little Short To Be a Storm-Trooper, But Does It For Charity Anyway

Imagine you’re on vacation in Los Angeles and you visit the Chinese Theatre. There they have lots of people dressed up as famous characters: Superman, Cinderella, and Storm Troopers.

As part of a charity collaboration with Omaze, a charity organization that creates amazing experiences for people while raising money for charity at the same time, Hamill donned the storm trooper outfit and walked the Hollywood walk-of-fame.

This is pretty cool. As a self-avowed Star Wars fan, who hated the Phantom Menace so much, I considered purchasing web hosting so that I could make an entire website ranting about how new movies were ruining the legacy of the old movies. I’ve grown since then, and it seems like these new ones are going to be pretty … Read the rest