Month: September 2017

Crazy Dating Stories From

Not Everyone Marries Their High School Sweetheart

There are tons of crazy stories about dates that have gone horribly: some are blind dates, some are first dates, and even some of them are from people on their second/third and beyond dates!
Remember, as long as they keep handing out coupon codes, the weirdoes will keep coming back to the so-called ‘safe’ premium dating sites.

Buzzfeed has compiled a great list of horrible anecdotes about first dates, which were originally compiled by Whisper (an anonymous app where people can tell stories anonymously).

Among them:

Being the person that is being sung to is awkward, especially if you’re in a seated position. At a concert, you could at least dance and enjoy the moment. Seated at … Read the rest

guilty dog Moments: Guilty Dogs Are The Best Somehow.

If you’re a dog owner, this has happened to you.

You come home from a long day of cashing in Livingsocial deals at local spas, restaurants, and shops, and you just want to have a sandwich and take a nap.

But your dog has other ideas. He’s been home all day. He knows you’re tired. Your motor skills are weak…and you’re dog knows it’s time to pounce. You make a big, tasty sandwich right in front of him, and then you decide to go to the bathroom.

The second you turn your back.

Watch as this adorably guilty dog attempts to hide the fact that he has an entire sandwich in his mouth! Holy crap, I truly have no idea how he manages to keep … Read the rest

Welcome! Travel Promo Codes and Resources To Enjoy This Amazing Planet!

Welcome To The Amazing 3rd Planet!

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